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Zigzag feeder


With wastage becoming more and more prevalent in the metals and procession industry, there is a need to find machinery that caters to the basic demand of minimizing expenses and maximizing profits. The idea of a zig zag feeder is one such innovation.

A unique concept in high speed, zigzag roll feeding, it allows parts to be fed in a staggered pattern for optimum material yield material is fed in a simultaneous X-Y movement allowing incoming material to travel at high speeds through the rolls on the X-Axis. At the same time, the Y-axis movement is controlled by a rotating linear ball screw which maximizes speed and provides high torque and low inertia. The zigzag feed is compact and can be easily mounted to any side of press, the roll feed is driven by an AC servo motor while the Y axis movement of the feed is powered by an servo motor and linear ball screw.

With the rapidly increasing cost of material, zig zag feeder saves upto 13% material scrap. The blank size, material width, and number of rows need to be entered. Zig-Zag feeder will conform the most optimal pattern for the strip.

The Zigzag feeder is one of the newest innovations in the field, with professionals trying to save costs by shuttling the motion of a single coil, which in turn helps the complement machinery to make their work more effective by deviating the motion of the coil from the centre line in a way that allows for them to make double pin shuttles rather than just one, making the process more independent of the feed itself.

The Zigzag feeder not only improves costs, by turning each sheet into a dual serviced one, it also creates a very strong absolute saving by using more parts of the sheet. As per recent estimates, as compared with single blanks and straight feeds the Zigzag feeder saves more than 5% metal, which in itself is quite an achievement, considering the cost of scrap metal and its processing output are both considerable factors in product pricing.

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