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Decoiler and straightener 2 in 1 / 2 in 1 uncoiling and straightening machine


In Decoiler and straightener 2 in 1 / 2 in 1 uncoiling and straightening machine, uncoiler and straightener two in one style improve factory usable space. Straightening adopts the balance adjusting equipment and is suitable for processing higher precision products. Roller adopts the soild bearing steel and hard chrome plating treatment.

The structure of the machine is comprised of :

  • Pressing arm.
  • Spindle oil cylinder.
  • Back gauge block.
  • expending and contracting plate.
  • Pressing arm of input.
  • keep-off roll.
  • Straightener shield .
  • Hand wheel of straightening adjustment.
  • Control panel.
  • part of straightener.
  • Hand held control box.
  • manual adjustment of keeping off.
  • Uncoiler.
  • corbel arm.

The features of the machine are:

  • The machine could run all day long, replacing manpower.
  • Space saving with combination of uncoiler and straightener.
  • Automatic and mass production help enhance productivity and lower production cost.
  • With use of manufacture machine tool in concert.
  • Suitable for all kinds of sheet metal and the material will be smooth.
  • Without indentation after straightening.
  • Long durable life with chroming rolls.
  • Variable speed of motor is controlled by converter.
  • Feeding and straightening duration could be adjusted casually.

The specifications of the machine are as follows:

  • Material width: 200-600(depending on the model of the machine).
  • Material thickness: 0.5-6.0.
  • Speed reducer: 1/30.
  • Power: AC 3-phase 380V.
  • Feeding roller: 98X2.
  • Leveling roller: 80X7.
  • Coil inner diameter: 450-530mm.
  • Coil outer diameter: 1200mm.
  • Material weight: 1000-3000 (depending on the model of the machine).

One thing that needs to be ensured before using this machine is the adjustment of straightening effect.

Adjustment of straightening effect:

  • Debug the straightening effect with a 1.5 meters long material.
  • Straightening effect is one of the most important indexes of straightener. This straightener has simplified the adjusting process to increase its efficiency and lower labor intensity.
  • The straightening rolls should be arranged with upward inclination from feeding to discharging to maximize the straightening efficiency.
  • Adjusting hand wheels on the left and right sides should be turned synchronously while adjusting the straightening rolls.
  • Rulers will be an adjusting reference.
  • Automatic production could start with straightened material.

Automatic feeding:

Factory settings of straightener are as follows:

  • Straightener will stop running as soon as the metal material touch the photoelectric switch.
  • Straightener will start running after material leaves away from inductive rod for certain induction time.
  • The length of induction time directly influences the operation and lifespan of straightener. The length of induction time could be adjusted through the control box in the control cabinet. The factory setting of induction time is 3 seconds. Rotate the button to adjust the time interval needed. The length of induction time should be set based on average straightening speed, press speed and times of motor start.
  • If the straightening speed doesn't match the press speed, check whether the straightener you purchase meets the pressing needs. If the straightening speed matches the press speed, check whether the induction time is too long.

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