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Super thin metal straightener


Specially made for high precision operation, the Super Thin Metal Straightener, the application of this machine has found critical application in the metal processing industry because of their function serving a very key role in the creation of sellable goods after metal processing. It is suitable for Straightening of various thinner metal sheets. All rolls are made of solid steel, hard-chrome plated, quenched. A variable speed control is used normal and high speed operation, control by modern frequency converters, keep pace with press, stable feeding. The selection range is extensive according to the thickness of the materials and work pieces.

For plane materials that need high precision punching treatment, this machine is a specially designed straightener. Good products cannot be produced without flattening and stress relieving treatments by coil material, therefore the performance of the straightner is critical in the production process. Rectifying only roll laying, its difficult to reach high precision straightening requirement as the curvature of each point is different. So, rough straightening for the wide rows, precise straightening for narrow rows and diverse laying principle are adopted by STM. Same bend arcs of the material are brought by the rough straightening, and then the precise straightening is used to meet the customer punching requirement.

Based on the rough, precise and diverse laying principle that comes into effect based on the kind of rows being straightened, there is a very vast variety of systems that can perform the same function effectively with the STM. The prime function of this system lies in its ability to ensure absolute evenness that helps form tolerances for every bearing.

Not limited to this, the STM also used a highly optimized system in terms of the axis and wheel projections that help limit the movement of the fed metal sheet. This enables the user to get a flatter, less distorted final product that is much better suited to processing applications. Because a single system can handle practically all kinds of variants, there is a very strong benefit to using the STM, which also uses optimal conditions to prolong its life span.

The features of STM are-

  • The flattening and the straightening secondary wheels adopt imported SUJ2, milling after HRC60° heat treatment and starts production after plating the hard chrome to ensure the evenness of the chrome layers and the form tolerances of each bearing.
  • The flattening adjusting adopts the floating four-point balancing equipment, with the dial indicator which can find the levelling point rapidly.
  • The transmission wheel adopts the compelled cycling immersion oil lubrication to reduce the wheel abrasion and be able to work under the high temperature condition for a long time.
  • Adopts the synchronous transmission structure to transfer each levelling roller individually to lower the panel surface flatness improving requirement because of the interspaces caused by wheels rotating.
  • The additional lubricating system prolonged the machine life span and enables it to work under the stable condition in a long time.
  • Due to the differences of the material quality width and thickness, there are no fixed values as the preferences; therefore, taking some material for pilot run before the mass production and start the continuous assembly after it reaches the standard.

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