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Slitting Line / Steel sheet slitting line


0.2-3mm full automatic slitting line

Heavy duty slitting line

A Steel sheet slitting line is used to break down master coils into smaller coils of a particular width. Highly efficient slitting lines for Hot Rolled and Cold Rolled ferrous strips as well as non-ferrous strips are offered by Lihao Machines. These lines can be custom designed on the basis of production capacity, high quality of slit product, automation level, flexibility of operations and budget of the clients. Incorporating latest technology, Lihao machines Steel sheet slitting line provide rapid change over with an increased output. The lines are capable of producing superior quality of the slit coils with significantly higher levels of productivity. The capacity of the line ranges from 300mm to 2000mm (width) and 0.10mm to 10.0mm (thickness) in strips.

The features of Steel sheet slitting line are:

  • Automation: Completely automated slitting lines with computerized diagnosis, production control systems, management information and control systems is offered by Lihao Machines based on the requirements of the client.
  • Edge-Trimming: Excellent finish is provided by the edge trimmers to the slitted work piece. The edge-trimmer heads can be inject-mounted, inter changeable with the slitter heads or can be built into dedicated edge-trimming lines. The dedicated lines can be manufactured up to a speed of 300mm.
  • Recoiler Drums: Broad range of recoiler drum is available with Lihao Machines to suit different applications, strip thickness and materials. Expanded leaf type for thick strips (1.20mm and thicker), concentric collapse six segments three wedges for thin strips (0.30 to 1.20mm) and concentric positive collapse six segment wedges for very thin strips (0.30mm and thinner). Replacable recoiler drums with very low changeover time are one of Lihao Machine’s innovations with special design features.
  • Sturdy built.
  • Self nesting/ side shifting tooling bars.
  • Automated scrap handling choppers/ winders.

Lihao Machines Steel sheet slitting line sare designed to perform exceeding top quality standards in slitting of metal strips. The materials that can be processed in slitting lines are aluminum, copper and brass, stainless steel and carbon steel. The thickness can range from the thinnest alloyed steel down to 0, 10mm to the thickest carbon steel up to 16mm, strip width from the narrowest 400 mm to the widest 2’200 mm, Coils Weight, up to 45 tons, Line Speed, up to 700 m/min. Utmost care is given in the design of the machines and the devices with the aim to guarantee:

  • Operator Safety.
  • Highest Production Outcome.
  • Ease of Operation and Maintenance.

Steel Sheet Slitting Lines thus accomplish the following functions:

  • Slitting and automatic change of slitting tooling set-up in Slitting Line.
  • Scrap balling and scrap cutting of scrap edges in Slitting Line.
  • Tensioning of slit strands: tension carriage in Slitting Line.
  • Recoiling.
  • Unloading of slit coils from recoiler.
  • Stocking and strapping facilities of slit coils.

The application of steel sheet slitting lines is found in Steel industry, metal industry and piping industry.

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