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Sheet Metal Feeder


Over time the feeder applications have bifurcated into different kinds of material and textures. All of these make for exceptionally complex systems and have very specific requirements, all of which need to be addressed differentially. That implies variance in the kind of metal feeders the industry has access to today. This invention of sheet metal feeder relates to apparatus for feeding sheet metal between dies of a punch press and comprising a horizontally movable feeder carriage which supports a fixed, sheet metal engaging jaw and a vertically movable jaw for clamping the sheet metal against the fixed jaw prior to movement of the carriage to move the sheet metal. A mechanism causes vertical movement of the movable jaw to grip the sheet, horizontal movement of the carriage to move the sheet, vertical movement of the movable jaw in the opposite sense to release the sheet metal and horizontal movement of the carriage in the opposite sense to a starting position. If two feeders are required, respectively, to push the sheet metal into the press and to pull it out of the press, two of such mechanisms operating in synchronism are provided.

The Sheet Metal Feeder, as the name suggests is literally the generation next in metal feeding applications, whether they are for processing, cutting, changing or altering operations. With different types of sheets, the machine has changed to incorporate the needs of many varying kinds of shapes and dimensions allowing the industry to make the most of their precision and effectiveness.

Based on their applications, the design of Sheet Metal Feeders automatically deal with specific parameters, which could range from durability, reach, ease of use or even interactive response. High mechanic applications require stability and sturdiness, while simpler applications require high speed and lower precision. The Sheet Metal Feeders available today incorporate one or more of these for customized applications.

Sheet metal feeder provides two sheet metal feeding devices, respectively, for pushing in and pulling out the sheet metal with respect to a punch press, each of said devices having sheet metal gripping jaws and both operated by a single .mechanism. The main components that furnish to the proper functioning of sheet metal feeder are-The manual uncoiler, Automatic uncoiler, Plate straightening machine, Automatic feeder.

The Manual Uncoiler

  • It is suitable for coiling and uncoiling metal sheet or non-metal materials.
  • It is specially designed and equipped with heavy-duty roll bearings for best durability and efficient automatic material feeding equipment.
  • It has variable speed driving motor.
  • High precision is required for roller straightener and feeder to be in a same machine and it reduces error between the feeder and straightener.
  • Uncoiler and straightener combination reduces the time difference between feeding and leveling and save space..
  • Plate Straightening Machine..

  • The leveler is suitable for straighten different metal sheets.
  • Efficient automatic material feeding equipment a dramatic increase in productivity is achieved by lane up with Auto Reel.
  • Automatic Feeder

  • The feeder employs a high performance NC controller for user friendly operation, high efficiency and simple maintenance..

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