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Roll Fedder


One of the primary applications of motoring machines today are seen in the form of the roll feeder machines, a set of contemporary basics that work together to provide feeding action to a press. While on the one hand these are used collectively for many kinds of feeding actions, they are often applied to matrix based systems as well. The most familiar method of feeding a press is offered by a roll feeder. To provide a fixed 180 degree angle, the adjustable eccentric is mounted to the end of the crankshaft. The one-way clutch connected to the eccentric feeds the stock while feed rolls clamp the material.

The features of Feed Rolls and shaft are:

  • For changing pass line height it has an adjustable mounting transition bracket with
    jack screw.
  • Roller stock edge guides are hardened and adjustable.
  • Coil stock is supported by entry cascade rollers.
  • Vernier and micrometer adjustment in two piece eccentric

The additional features including rugged construction, corrosion resistance, high tolerance, enhanced service life have led to its extended applications in various industries. The various types of roll feeder available in the market include servo roll feeder and crankshaft roll feeder, hitch or grip roll feeder..

The idea behind these is simple especially with the advent of new and improved mechanisms for the consonance and working of variable voltage and frequency systems that allow different kinds of actions with the feeders. With adjustable roller edge guides, they not only give the user a lot of manoeuvrability, but also allow for tougher guidance of the roll, which makes them more effective as well.

With eccentrics and micro adjustment mechanisms, roll feeders are truly the talk to the regular application town. Having evolved over the years into machines that can have adjustable mounting and heights, it is possible to change inclines and feed spot parameters with simple jack screw actions, all of which enable much more unconstrained motion improving the overall efficiency manifold.

The main features of Roll Feeder that makes this machine truly the talk to the regular application town are-

  • High Precision Feeding- The precision is maintained within 0.03mm. To maintain this
    precision it is controlled by computer closed-circuit feedback system.
  • Phase-style feeding function- To satisfy the processing and production of special
    products, it can input 20 groups of different feeding length where each group provides
    punching for 999 times.
  • Manual Model- To let user operate easily and feed materials with more accuracy, it can
    input 3 phases manual speed.
  • Feeding length setting- Directly the feed length is given as input on the controller panel
    Feeding Unit- Middle-hollow style is given to the roll as it is light and with low inertia
    for electroplate.

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