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Progressive Stamping / progressive mold


Progressive stamping is a metalworking method that can encompass punching, coining, bending and several other ways of modifying metal raw material, combined with an automatic feeding system. The feeding system pushes a strip of metal (as it unrolls from a coil) through all of the stations of a progressive stamping die. Each station performs one or more operations until a finished part is made. The final station is a cutoff operation, which separates the finished part from the carrying web. The carrying web, along with metal that is punched away in previous operations, is treated as scrap metal. Both are cut away, knocked down (or out of the dies) and then ejected from the die set, and in mass production are often transferred to scrap bins via underground scrap material conveyor belts.

Progressive molding is a metal forming process widely used to produce parts for various industries, such as automotive, electronics and appliances. Progressive molding consists of several individual work stations, each of which performs one or more different operations on the part. The part is carried from station to station by the stock strip and is cut out of the strip in the final operation. The decision to produce a part in progressive die or transfer die is dependent on size, complexity and volume of production. Progressive molding is used to produce a large number of parts and keep the costs as low as possible. The highest demands in precision and durability must be met. Due to the complexity of progressive dies, it is important to address all the factors that contribute to achieving the desired level of part quality, including blank position, pilots, blank boundary and stretch-web deformation. Pilots play an important role in progressive die stamping – they fix the strip into an appropriate position and maintain control over it. In addition, they are essential for precise sheet positioning during tool closing and drawing operations in transfer dies. Other factors to be considered are timing and interaction of carriers, pads, and upper and lower tools. The benefits of progressive die stamping are increased productivity and significant cost reduction for high-volume production.

The advantages offered by progressive stamping that makes it talk of the town are-

  • Speed: Progressive molding is based on the continuous feed of material through the different die stations of a tool. The nature of the process allows you to create more parts in a shorter period of time when compared with traditional fabrication or machining. For high volume parts, progressive stamping provides the lowest cycle times per part.
  • Less Scrap Material: Progressive molding is a metalworking method that can encompass punching, coining, bending and several other ways of modifying metal to produce your desired end part shape. The vast majority of material is used, hence, less scrap is produced. Progressive Die Metal Stamping may provide the most cost effective material option for manufacturing your parts.
  • Quicker Setup: When compared to traditional fabrication or machining, the setup time may be much less for the Progressive Stamping process. What is achieved in multiple Setups and processes during traditional fabrication and machining may be performed in one operation if Progressive Die Stamping is utilized. This reduction in Setup and processing will result in a more cost effective piece part.
  • Longer Runs: The continuous material feed used in the progressive die stamping process allows for long runs. Longer runs between material changes and tooling adjustments mean your parts can be produced in a much shorter time.
  • High Repeatability: The hard tooling die designs allow for high volume runs without die degradation. This means that part quality remains high and there are fewer failed parts.
  • Lower cost per part: – All of the factors above contribute to reducing the overall cost of your part. Using progressive die stamping allows you to create robust parts in the most cost effective and expeditious manner.

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