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Press Machine/ High speed press machine / Power Press Machine


In the manufacturing section of the engineering industry, there are two ways to work the metal articles to shape. One is by metal cutting and other is by metal forming. Metal cutting method is wasteful as 40% of the original component material is removed by expensive machining operations to become scrap and this scrap material will on average be worth 5% of its original value as raw material. The power press machine is a metal forming machine which is designed to shape or cut metal by applying mechanical force or pressure. The high speed press machine is formed to the desired shape without the removal of chips. Mass production work is facilitated by presses and press machine and these are considered fastest and most important way to form a sheet metal into finished product. The metal if in coiled strip form, may be fed automatically into the press machine by power rolls or power slide, or may be hand fed by operator. If the metal is in some other form, like as a sheet or partially formed shape, it may be located in the tool by mechanical hands which have gripping fingers or locating pans which drop the metal drop part into the correct position.

The power press machine in which press tool work is done is divided into-

  • Hand operated press- These Power press machine are used to process thin sheet metal working operations where less pressure or force is required.
  • Power press machine- They are normally driven by mechanical mechanism or hydraulic system. Power press machine source may be electric motor or engine.

Power press machine are also subdivided into-

  • Single acting presses are similar to the simple hand-operated press in that they only have one ram; the means of operating the ram can be various like a crank, an eccentric or a toggle-lever mechanism.
  • Double acting presses are used for drawing operations and the outer member is used to actuate the holder or pressure-plate, while the inner member carries the drawing punch.
  • Triple acting presses has in addition a third reciprocating member as compared to double acting High speed press machine carried in guides in the base of the machine so that a second punch can be made to draw the blank upwards into a suitable shaped recess formed in the top punch. They are used for large work like motor car body panels.

The parts of High Speed press machine includes-

  • Frame: The frame structure is built with large sections & wide columns to achieve both vertical & lateral rigidity to give longer, productive high speed press machine life.
  • Slide: The bos-type construction of the slide is designed for maximum rigidity. The pitman connecting links using ball joints are designed for minimum weight. It helps faster machine set up & improved tools safety during setup.
  • Guiding Arrangement: The extra –long eight point guiding system fully supports the slide through its entire stroke and it permits the precise adjustment of slide running clearances It helps to achieve parallelism and squareness of travel, thus improving tool life
  • Pneumatic Clutch: The fail-safe, pneumatically operated clutch brake combination is designed to provide excellent slide motion control even at high speeds.
  • Pneumatic Counter Balance: Pneumatic counter balance cylinders eliminate the clearances in all the bearings & connections in the load path It helps in determining the penetration of punches in the die for convenient dies set up and improved tool life.
  • Electrical Control: The control system incorporates the essential safety requirements and includes features like speed indicators, stroke counter, status indicator and two hand engagement devices.
  • Motor Drive: Variable speed drive is designed for the power requirements of the machine over the complete high speed press machine range.

The features are:

  • Fabricated steel slide running in extra-long guides to ensure perfect alignment
  • Welded steel construction with maximum rigidity & lowest deflection
  • Variable speed drive for wide range and quick selections of speed
  • Well-designed control station for easy operations.
  • Hydraulic overload safety (Optional) Flywheel & motor guards
  • Bearing temperature sensor is an optional feature. This prevents damage to major bearings by stopping machine if bearing temperature exceeds preset value.

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