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Precision straightener for stainless sheet


Variations in the handling capacities of metal sheets have become quite commonplace considering the sheer volume and nature of work that goes on in the industry today. As a result, many users are now focussing on specific aspects of the process and looking for a particular quality to be enhanced during operation. Precision straightener for stainless steel is suited for thin stainless sheet steel, copper sheet, iron sheet and aluminium sheet etc. It is specialized for straightening. SUJ2 materials are adopted by the straightening rollers with an annealing treatment and hard chrome plated. Spots fine adjustment and a reference digital are adopted, which can level the material rapidly. Auxiliary wheel are also there in addition to the up and down straightening rolls as this design can reduce the stress of the straightening rollers and lengthen the lifetime. Power loss is reduced due to the up-down all gear system and cutting the material is avoided. The lubricating system makes it serve a longer time and be in a precise working state.

Precision Straighteners for Stainless Steel are a very specific type of metal straightening systems that are used in the industry today. Made with variable capacities, these can straighten out any form and shape of sheet cohesively. The machine functions by taking in meshes or sheets that are notably deformed and creates a straightened machine out of it by the end of the process by processing in parts and focussing on a small part individually. Based on the Flange Thickness and the Web Height, as well as based on their duty cycles, these machines can be subcategorized easily to provide for a detailed demand based on the nuances of the customer. Since these machines are built with alloys, they are both resistant to corrosion, functional in diverse environments and built for rough you such that they do not break, nor undergo massive problems over the span of years.

The main advantage of using Precision Straighteners for stainless steel is:

  • The plate can be fed into the machine from both directions and can be levelled repeatedly.
  • Each of the top cross beams are lifted independently, each top working roller is installed on the independent crossbeam, so that each roller position can be adjusted individually.
  • The international System of Units (SI) Standards are adopted for the elements.
  • The working roller positions are displayed with precision ±0.1mm on the computer screen.
  • The protection methods such as the overload, the over current, over voltage, the phase loss, the short circuit and others are equipped for the machine.
  • Processing technology of roller: Forging-tough turning- thermal refining -grinding-surface hardening-rough grinding - tempering -finish grinding.
  • The lubrication method is electric centralized lubrication / bath lubrication.
  • Adopt the double-motor driving & self-aligning roller bearings, so the transmission resistance is small and the required capacity of the main motor is small.

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