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Precision Punch


The big three problems faced in the machine industry are-

  • Die clearance too small- Clearance can be proper clearance or tight clearance. In proper clearance fracture lines meet, punching forces are balanced. In general, shear strength determines clearance (10% is good for low shear strength aluminium). The recommended minimum die clearance is 0.08mm. In tight clearance fracture lines do not meet, secondary shear cracks, extra energy is required and involves higher tool wear.
  • Poor or no maintenance on the tool- Proper tool maintenance results in flatter sheets, cleaner holes, less stress on tool and machine, longer tool life and maxima coating is not affected. To maximize tool life sharpen frequently, use proper die clearance and shear configuration, lubricate punch, guide and sheet, inspect tool holders for wear, treated tools should be used for special applications, radii should be used on all sharp corners, turret alignment should be checked regularly.
  • Turret alignment requires adjustment- Thick turret alignment tools include mate pilot alignment system, standard alignment tool.

The basic hole punching theory states-

  • Punching a hole
  • Die clearance
  • Punch tonnage
  • Choosing the right tool
  • Correct tool maintenance

Highest caliber of perfection for mold making, stamping and cold heating is set by precision punch. Punching machines are fast cycling machines with high availability and reliability. of

Precision punch is performed by a punch tool with permanent, fixed cutting elements. Knives, perforating punches or contour punches are used. The process features high repeatability and the cuts do not require any rework.

The benefits of precision punch are-

  • High-volume production, owing to short cycle times
  • Low maintenance expenses and low operating costs
  • High repeatability, no rework needed

The functioning of precision punch is made up to mark with the help of following - Cut Star, Press Star and Trim Star.

Cut Star- A compact punching machine with an integrated punching tool is received by this in which all cuts are processed via hydraulic splitters with corresponding punch modules. Loading occurs ergonomically and in a readily accessible manner on the receiver that is folded downward, which rotates upwards by approximately 90° to the punching position for the actual cut. Thanks to this working method, the machine has very compact external dimensions. Optimized waste disposal guarantees process-reliable removal of punch scraps, even for a large number of pieces.

Press Star- An aligned precision press with fast table drive and highly accurate guidance is offered by press star, excellently suited for implementation in integrated lines. The system is designed for the highest level of availability and is ideal for high-volume production thanks to short cycle times. Process-reliable disposal is guaranteed even for large series, due to an optimized waste handling concept.

Trim Star- The advantages of high-precision punching equipment unit with a compact, integrated tooling concept is offered by trim star. The main cut is made by the ram, which is simultaneously positioned for subsequent slide cuts. The result is a high-quality cut and very fast cycles. The integrated punching machine is used mainly in production of instrument panels, center consoles and door inner panels, and connects the tool and the machine. The hydraulic stroke is synchronized with the punch slides. High availability and high capacity is featured by trim star presses that help in reducing component costs.

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