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Carrying forward the traditional development of feeders based on people's needs and their area of application, there are many ways in which the pneumatic feeder surpasses its predecessors on accuracy, precision and speed. If mentioned separately, these are ideal for applications that require on the loop control. The 'pneumatic' feeder and its subsequent hydraulic version, using 'orbital motors' are its most important and innovative automation systems for press feeding in the automotive sector, and are chosen by major companies (OEMs) such as Alfa Romeo. Pneumatic feeders meet new competitive challenges in speed, accuracy, reliability, longer life with an intense market research and practical experience in metal stamping based on regular market interaction and suit exact requirement and application of the user . There are various kinds of pneumatic feeders available in the market like industrial pneumatic feeder , compact pneumatic feeder, heavy duty pneumatic feeder , roll band feeder , pneumatic thin strip feeder.

The inclusion of pneumatic ability in the feeders operation not only sets up a strong correlation with the actual system, but provides for a very high degree of control. Based on where the pneumatic processes occur, there is a feedback loop as well as a smart loop that can help the system perform better during each cycle, making application many times simpler.

Main advantages of pneumatic feeders:

  • Suitable for all kinds of materials: bars, wires, tubes, sections of various materials,
    plastics, woods, textiles,papers,etc.
  • Ease of installation: the feeders can be installed on any machine: eccentric presses,
    hydraulic and pneumatic presses, drilling machines, cutting machines and others.
  • High working speed: very high clamping force, high valve flow rate, accuracy of the
    synchronization and different types of end-stroke decelerators allow a feeding capacity
    up to 30 m/1'.
  • High accuracy: if the feeder is correctly used a feed accuracy of ± 0,05 mm can be

In applications such as die piloting, there is a strict advantage with pneumatic stress being applied to get fixed and accurate positioning for the application. This not only allows much better performance, but also eliminates the need for a system that responds differentially, because the application accuracy is always maintained at a 100%. With different variants that have various kinds of transmission speeds, these are extremely well suited to some kinds of applications.

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