Noise isolated chamber for press machine

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Model KKP2-0703, 5067, 5068
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Update Time 03-12-2015

Detailed Info

Model A   B A   B A   B A   B
Width(mm) 2000 2300 2500 2650
Length(mm) 2000 2400 2600 2800
Height(mm) 2700 3000 3200 3300
Weight(T) 70  52 70  52 70  52 70  52


  1. A: table style, B: frame style
  2. The above specification is standard, but per customer require, model can be made to order, according to actual condition and tons.
Sound insulation box for press machine
  1. Equipment
    1. The front door of sound insulation box is push-and-pull door; back door and side door are fixed open door. There are sound insulation inspection window in front and back.
    2. Left and right sides are open style material out-feeding hole, with roller guide (side 4 piece)
    3. 1 piece low noise chain wheel air pump each.
    4. 2 sets 45W5T environmental protection fluorescent lamp.
    5. 1 set power switch receptacle(inside connection style).
    6. Brand advertising 1 set (per customer require).
    7. Super ICI computer antirust treatment (selective color).
    8. Fast screw connecting style, easy installation, with good surface.
  2. Choiceness 3 proof standard material
    1. National standard 1.5-3.5mm hot steel.
    2. National standard 0.6mm*Ф3.0mm zincification plate with pressing hole.
    3. Imported Rockwool (100kg/m3*10mm), sound absorb, fire proof environmental protecting asbestos.
    4. Imported PEF (10mm) sound insulation, fire proof environmental protecting plate.
    5. (20kg/m3*10mm) high precision, fire proof, sound insulation plate. (made in Taiwan, China)
  3. Processing effect
    1. 75-80 decibel (single sound source). Reach National labor protection standard.
    2. ISO 14001 Environmental Quality System certified.
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