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Hot roll & Cold roll steel cutting machine


Hot Rolled Steel- A rolling process at temperatures over 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit is use to create hot roll & cold roll steel cutting machine. Steel products in Massachusetts that have been processed in this manner will have a blue-gray finish that feels rough to the touch. Hot roll steel cutting machine actually reconfigures itself during the cooling process, giving the finished product looser tolerances than the original material and when compared to cold rolled steel products. hot roll & cold roll steel cutting machine is more malleable, allowing it to be forced into a variety of different shapes. This makes hot roll & cold roll steel cutting machine a good choice for the manufacturing of structural components, such as I beams or simple cross sections, such as rail tracks. It is also used to produce sheet metal.

Cold Rolled Steel - A rolling process at temperatures that are close to normal room temperature are used to create cold roll steel cutting machine. This increases the strength of the finished product through the use of strain hardening by as much as 20 percent. High quality steel in Connecticut that has been processed in this manner has a gray finish that feels smooth to the touch. The cold rolled process creates a finished product that is more precise dimensionally than a hot rolled product. This is because it is already closer to the finished dimension since it has already gone through the cooling process. Unfortunately, because of these properties, cold rolled steel is limited to just a few shapes, such as round, square, flat and variations of those types of shapes. Other shapes can be cold rolled if the cross section is uniform and the transverse dimension is small. A series of shaping operations, which include sizing, breakdown, semi-roughing, semi-finishing, roughing and finishing are required to create cold rolled shapes.

Steel cutting machine for cold roll , hot roll and stainless steel is easy to operate, as one simply needs to input the length one wants to cut on the touch screen, it will automatically cut the coil strips to the designated length and stack them up with high speed and high accuracy.

Hot roll & cold roll steel cutting machine consists of feeding truck, assisting support, decoiler, hydraulic shear, leveler, stop block, encoder scale, plate shearing machine, conveying table, pneumatic stacker, output trolley, hydraulic system and so on. The whole line is controlled by PLC with computer display. The thickness for material can be from 0.2MM to 25MM, width from 600MM to 2500MM, load weight above 25T, cutting precision 0.5MM/M, line speed 60M/Min. collecting and coating functions can also be additionally added. This steel cutting machine line is highly automatic with good straightening effect, précising cutting, efficient production, reliable performance, easy operation and maintenance.

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