High speed grip feeder machine

Categories High speed feeder
Model GF-906N,1512N
Function for metal strip feeding
Certificate CE
Place Of Origin ShenZhen, GuangDong, China
Terms of Payment L/C,D/A,D_P,T/T
Update Time 03-12-2015

Detailed Info

Model GF-906N GF-1512N
Material width (mm) 0-90 0-150
Material thickness(mm) 0.1-1.5 0.1-1.5
Feeding line height(mm) 60-120 60-120
Feeding length(mm) 60 150
Feeding angle 180° 180°
Release angle Adjustable Adjustable
Feeding mechanism Crank shafe transmission Crank shafe transmission
Installation position Left Left
Feeding direction Left-right Left-right
Weight 188kg 220kg

Feature of high speed high precision grip feeder

  1. Suitable for high speed stamping and precise feeding press work. (Max. feed 1,200 times/min)
  2. Noiseless during operation.
  3. No press track left on the material surface, enable plating material aluminum alloy, stainless steel, copper, iron and secondary machining factory have their perfect stamping parts.
  4. Easy to operate and stable.
  5. Integrate body design, eliminated resonance, remain precise feeding.
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