GO Precision Uncoiler & Straightener

Categories uncoiler and straightener, 2 in 1
Model GO-200B,300B,400B,500B,600B
Function uncoil and straighten metal sheet strip
Drive motor
Certificate CE
Place Of Origin ShenZhen, GuangDong, China
Terms of Payment L/C,D/A,D_P,T/T
Update Time 03-12-2015

Detailed Info

Model   GO-200B GO-300B GO-400B GO-500B GO-600B
Max. material width mm 200 300 400 500 600
Material thickness mm 0.1~0.8 0.1~0.8 0.1~0.8 0.1~0.8 0.1~0.8
Material weight kg 800 1000 1500 1500 2000
Coil inner diameter mm 450~530
Coil outer diameter mm 1200
Straightener motor HP  1/2 1    2    2    3   
Uncoiler motor HP 1 1 2 2 3
Straightening roller Diameter and Quantity 20mmx up9/down10(full drive)
Straightening adjusting  4 point adjusting
Straightening speed 0~15m/min
Expansion style  Manual 
Induction style  induction table style

Feature of GO Precision Uncoiler & Straightener

  1. Uncoiler and straightener two in one style can save installation space,lower transition procedure.
  2. The Uncoiler and straightener are controlled separately by independent electricity boxes.
  3. Straightener adopts the cardan joint and gear  transmission.
  4. The straightening gear adopts the dial indicator and is able to find out the leveling  up point rapidly.
  5. The additional back pressure wheel enables the straightening result much better.
  6. The additional lubrication system prolonged the machine life span.
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