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Gantry hydraulic press machine


A gantry hydraulic press machine is defined as a device that uses a hydraulic cylinder to generate a compressive force. It uses the hydraulic equivalent of a mechanical lever, also known as Bramah press, named after the inventor. Frame and cylinder are the main components of the hydraulic press. Hydraulic press is one of the oldest of the basic machine tools. In its modern form, it is well adapted to presswork ranging from coining jewelry to forging aircraft parts. Modern hydraulic presses are, in some cases, better suited to applications where the mechanical press has been traditionally more popular.

The advantages of using a hydraulic press are manifold. Although mechanical press has been the first choice of many press users for years, good performance and reliability is offered by modern hydraulic presses.

The factors that favors the use of a gantry hydraulic press machine are-

  • Depending on the application, a hydraulic press may cost less than an equivalent mechanical press.
  • In small lot production where hand feeding and single stroking occurs, production rates equal to mechanical presses are achieved.
  • Single stroking does not result in additional press wear.
  • Die shut heights variations do not change the force applied.
  • There is no tonnage curve derating factor.
  • Forming and drawing speeds can be accurately controlled throughout the stroke.
  • Hydraulic presses with double actions and or hydraulic die cushions are capable of forming and drawing operations that would not be possible in a mechanical press.

Gantry hydraulic press machine is also called as longmen hydraulic press, frame type hydraulic press. The tear open outfit, molding is widely used in machinery industry, straightening, stretching, sheet metal forming of work, and Angle of points of tooth is one-time cold riveting molding pressure equipment for automobile repair industry.

The features of gantry hydraulic press machine are-

  • Profile sheet with high intensity is adopted by gantry framework structure without deformation.
  • The cutting head can automatically move horizontally, with excellent operating visual field and safe and reliable operation.
  • The hydraulic system specially designed is featured by low noise and low oil consumption.
  • The lifting position of pressing board can be freely set to reduce idle travel and enhance work efficiency.
  • The movement of cutting head is controlled by automatic speed variation to realize flexible movement with high speed and accurate positioning and without impact.
  • Differential oil way is adopted to allow rapid and convenient cutting.
  • This comes with the function of braking.
  • It is extremely torsion- proof steel element.
  • Table can be lifted through a chain driven by the main cylinder.

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