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Forming Machine


1066mm Type Forming Machine

2 in 1 Keel Forming Machine

3 Inch V Rail Forming Machine

Austenite Rolling Gate LH16-84-755 Type

At present there are many professional machineries in the world but among them Shenzhen Lihao Machine Equipment Co., LTD in China is the leading one possessing mechanical eccentric 30tons, 45tons, and 60 tons high speed precision press machine. Lihao is the leading producers of many varieties of machines for metal strip stamping and punching, metal sheet strip coil cutting, such as uncoiled machine, straightener, feeder, mechanical eccentric press machine, stamping mould, metal strip cut to length line, slitting line, and so on. Among all the machines manufactured by Shenzhen Lihao Machine Equipment Co., LTD, forming machines are the most vital one as they include several other varieties such as Type Forming Machine, Keel Forming Machine, Rail Forming Machine, Double Roll Forming machine and others.

Roll Forming Machines is one of the most important types of forming machines. They are ideal for built-up similar shape parts along with long lengths and in mass amount. It is a continuous sheet metal forming process where the flat metal coil strip is being passed between the two successive pairs of rollers or even side rollers in order to get the desired cross section.

A Roll Forming Machine can be formed by any type of ferrous and non ferrous material, mostly MS and aluminum. The production speed of this machine on an average is 8-12 meters per minute. Its dimensional tolerances mostly depends on the stock material width and thickness, roller material, the quality of tooling, machine condition and also on the roll forming machine operator skill.

Roofing Sheet Roll Forming Machine is the range of machines which are being highly appreciated by the clients all around the world. Its unique features of smooth and flexible performance and robust construction helped them to gain the popularity. Steel sheets are being manufactured by Roll forming machine for the corrugated roof of fabricated buildings.

In the case of Double roll forming Machine, COPRAR and AUTO CAD software are being used for the roller designs. These machines are available in the market with PLC automatic control cabinet along with a hydraulic single head type uncoiler. Their specialty is that they can roll two different metal roofing sheets without changing any rollers or cutting die. After forming the roll, the surface again becomes smooth and beautiful without a scratch on the surface. The design of the double roll forming machines is available on the basis of the specifications and profile drawing.

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C Purlin Machine

C41×41×10×7 And C41×21×10 Type Forming Machine

Cable "E" Type Roll Forming Machine

Concealed Roof Boarding Roll Forming Machine

Decorative Buckle Forming Machine

Double Layer Forming Machine

Foot Rest Roll Forming Machine

Greenhouse Environmental Protection Device

LH12-120-900 Type

LH15-40 Type Rolling Forming Machine

LH18-76.2-762 Wave Plate Forming Machine

LH20-101-707 Type

LH28-257.5-1030 Type Forming Machine

LH36.5-171.5-686 & LH28.5-190-760 Double Layer Forming Machine

LH51-342-1025 Type Floor Plate Forming Machine

LH66-470 Type

LH71-478 Type Forming Machine

LHYX50-200/283.3-600/850 Closed Type Roof Forming Machine

Photovoltaic Stents Forming Machine

Reflector Roll Forming Machine

Rolling Door Wrapping Machine

Square Tube Forming Machine

Straightening, Slitting And Cutting Line

Triangular Plate Forming Machine (Used In Road Marking)

V Rail Forming Machine

Ventilation Air-Defense Facility C Purlin Machine

YX19-75-825 Wave Plate Forming Machine

YX39-190-950 Concealed Roof Boarding Roll Forming Machine

YX90-306-918 Roof Boarding Roll Forming Machine

Z Type Steel Cutting Machine

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