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Decoiler, Leveler, Feeder is automation equipment in high speed feeding coil for punch press. The machine is feeding, leveling with uncoiling steel coil. The 3 in 1 whole line is controlled by PLC with computer display. This line can help to improve efficiency, lower cost and ensure quality. The thickness of material can be from 0.2MM to 8MM, width from 150MM to 1600MM, highest precision ±0.15MM and speed 16M/min. This machine is applicable for processing of copper coil, aluminum coil, cold-rolled coil, hot rolled material, silicon steel, and stainless steel and so on.

The standard accessory of decoiler, leveler, and feeder include:

  • Upper roller adjustment by digital watch.
  • Coil width adjusted by double handle wheel with precise screw rod.
  • Lifter driven by motor adjusts the pass line.
  • Coil side guide use one set hollow rolls mechanical back gauge device.
  • Pinch roll and straightener roll material: high-strength alloy bearing steel with hard chrome plating.
  • Hydraulic coil arm device
  • Motorized Snuber roll.
  • Hydraulic guider.
  • .hydraulic peeler table
  • Electric eye loop control system
  • Feeder and straightener rolls with a hard chrome finish.
  • Outgoing catenary to assistant support material.
  • Hold down device.
  • Feeding line easily adjusts by advance worm gear screw jack device.
  • Indicator
  • Inverse curve roil-easy to setup the up curve or down curve feeding exit direction.
  • The uncoiler contains the butterfly brakes air compressor
  • Uncoiler-inverter device.

The material thickness is 0.3-3.2mm

The feeder leveler and uncoiler combination greatly reduces the error between feeding and leveling and save space. The coil expansion adopts oil drive, and it brings high productivity.

The optional accessories of the decoiler, leveler, feeder may include:

  • Adjusting device for the height of feeding line
  • Hydraulic loading car
  • Machine Construction Options:
  • Hydraulic Expansion
  • Loading Car
  • Machine Head Lifts Automatically (options)
  • Back Gauge Arm
  • Press Arm(with motor)
  • Feeding back gauge wheel (independent adjustment)
  • Outfeed back gauge wheel (independent adjustment)

The specifications of decoiler, leveler and feeder are:

  • Steel sheet leveling machine
  • Material thickness: 0-6.0mm
  • Width: 0-1000mm
  • Production speed:16m/min
  • Air pressure: 5kgf/min
  • Feed roller:2sets
  • Straightening roller: upper 4/ lower 3
  • Production speed: 18m/min
  • Weight of material coil 2000-8000kg
  • Inside dia of material coil: 450-530
  • Outside dia of material coil: 1200
  • Feed level: customer request +/-100
  • Uncoil expansion: hydraulic expansion

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