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Coil roll feeding line / Steel coil decoiler and straightener


Steel coil decoiler and straightener is automation equipment in high speed feeding coil for punch press. The machine is feeding leveling with uncoiling steel coil. The 3 in 1 whole line is controlled by PLC with computer display. Steel coil decoiler and straightener can help to improve efficiency, lower cost and ensure quality. The thickness of material can be from 0.2MM to 8MM, width from 150MM to 1600MM, highest precision ±0.15MM and speed 16M/min. Coil roll feeding line machine is applicable for processing of copper coil, aluminum coil, cold-rolled coil, hot rolled material, silicon steel, and stainless steel and so on.

The description of the machine is as follows:

  • Coil roll feeding line machine is the most versatile system designed for handling a wide range of material widths and thickness. Coil load car provides efficient coil loading and the combination peeler/ threader/ debender/ hold down station and exiting thread table allow one operator to power thread material from the reel to servo roll feed entry.
  • Steel coil decoiler and straightener system features a pull-off reel and powered straightener to supply a free loop of stock to the servo roll feed. This high speed system is preferred for minimum or non-marking light gauge operations.
  • The servo feeder/straightener removes coil curvature and accurately indexes material into the press. Coil roll feeding line cost effective system requires much less floor space than a powered straightener type system and is designed to run lighter gauge material.
  • Steel coil decoiler and straightener system also includes a powered coil reel and motorized hold down arm, with clock spring guard. The motorized wheel and thread table allow smooth threading into the servo feeder/ straightener. This system can be used for various types of material.
  • Coil roll feeding line system includes a coil load car and combination peeler/ threader/ debender/ hol down station and exit thread table to efficiently process a wide range of material widths and thickness. The system provides efficient loading, threading and set up operations while minimizing floor space requirements.
  • The space saving system was developed to efficiently process up to ¼" thick coiled steel for operations with limited floor space without sacrificing productivity.
  • Cradle straighteners are easy to load and will accept any ID of coil. Heavy duty cradle side plates and nesting rolls confine the coil for control of heavy gauge materials.
  • Safe forced loop storage is provided by enclosed loop systems for handling heavy gauge coil stock.

The features of this machine are:

  • Feeding and straightening max. 0.1 - 8.0mm thick, 100 - 1,600mm wide
  • Straightening thickness adjustment by the advanced worm gear screw jack with reference indicator
  • Coil material entry support assembly can bring the material into pinch rollers automatically to save man power and increase safety
  • Threading table device provide you a simple and efficiency operation
  • New age design humanity easy to set up curve or down curve feeding exit direction.

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