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C Frame Press Machine


30ton mechanical C frame high speed press machine


40ton mechanical C frame high speed press machine


60ton mechanical C frame high speed press machine

Unforgiving in every right, press tools are a great way to support and assess the variability of systems in the metal and processing industry. One of the primary applications of all time, these tools have also evolved over the years, to include various types and process variables that have today made them very advanced. Commonly used tools which are major components of press working are punches and dies. Punch is an important part of the system which is fastened to the ram and forced into the die where work piece to be processed is supported. Die is a work holding device, designed specifically for a particular design of a product. Die is rigidly held on the base of the press. Die carries an opening which is perfectly aligned with the punch and its movement. Both die and punch work together as a unit and this is called a die set. Punch and die both are made of high speed steel. Die is the part where strength and wear resistant both properties are required. So normally working surface of the die is made of satellite or cemented carbide.

With a robust frame that is established with heavy cross ribbed parts to ensure maximum durability, the C Type Press is an innovative solution to the original Press Tools of yesteryears. With heavy alloys finished with ground, these tools not only create the environment for a perfect consonance, but also provide elongated use and smooth functioning over the years.

These machines are also built in with an adjustable stroke formation, in a way that allows the machine to complete blank strokes with ease, a feature that has been hitherto missing from most devices. The Ram Slide itself is also made of high grade casting that gives much longer life of die and easy operating capability. The timed brake feature is also out-centred with respect to the plate making it sufficiently cast and easy to operate.

The components of C type press are-


The frame is of all steel construction, fabricated from Rolled steel plates with suitable cross ribbing. Presses up to 30T will be supplied with C.I. legs. Proper alignment of the frame is ensured by machining.


The clutches of pin/rolling key-type. The clutch is rigid and and well supported. The clutch gives continuous stroke for mass production.

Crank Shaft:

Crank shaft is made of special alloy steel machined to closed accuracy and fitted in bronze bushes for smooth working, longer life and accuracy.


Properly sized flywheel is made of high grade cast iron, for storing and releasing adequate energy for the pressing operation, and properly balanced for smooth running.


Gears are of steel castor fabricated. Gear teeth are generated by precision hobbing machine.

Table and Ram:

Table and Ram are made of high grade heavy duty cast iron & properly seasoned. They are perfectly aligned, to eac other to obtain high high accuracy and precision press operation.


An efficient shot lubrication system has been provided for lubricating the sliding surfaces and moving parts. The lubricant is applied by hand pump.

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