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Automatic press line for metal button


Since contractor models these days are extremely diverse and varied, there is a need for needs to be satisfied based on which arena the device is used and what the final application of the system ends up as. As a result, Automatic Press Lines have become quite popular in the metals and processing market. The use of different presses is needed in the making of big components, including those for bodywork, where the different component-forming operations are being executed. It is an object of the present invention to provide means for synchronizing the presses and transfer equipment in a press line for continuous operation. It is a related object to provide a synchronizing arrangement for a press line which permits each of the presses to operate at a high average speed and which permits maximum output for a given set of presses and a given power capability of the driving motors. It is another related object to provide a synchronizing arrangement for a press line which maintains the presses in step with one another but which nevertheless permits individual variations in speed through a given press cycle occurring by reason of the energy which is added to and subtracted from the press flywheel.

An Automatic Press Line for Metal Button is by far one of the most state of the art inventions in the basics of metal processing systems. Simple and easy to use, one of the defining features of this device is it's easy to use mechanism that allows you to upgrade your older devices without worrying about compatibility and extendibility being hampered in any way.

The Press Line as the name indicates is simply a start stop mechanism for the feed lines, that can be used for manually overriding the otherwise more or less automated systems, or for completing an emergency start stop over time. This creates the much needed room for control that rests with the user, without the system having to run into unnecessary halts and stops from externalities because the user is now in control only in the rarest of the rare cases. Automatic Press lines is an object of the invention to provide a synchronizing system for a line of power presses which is highly flexible and which permits individual presses to be silenced without affecting the synchronization of the remaining presses. In one of its aspects it is an object of the present invention to provide a synchronizing arrangement for a press line in which the speed may be easily and conveniently varied. It is still another object of the present invention to provide a synchronizing arrangement for a line of presses and associated transfer equipment which is inherently simple and inexpensive, which permits standard presses having a standard clutch and drive to be employed, and which achieves the proper degree of synchronizing control, even with presses of high inertia, without necessity for resorting to derivative action. It is moreover an object to provide a synchronizing control arrangement for presses in the press line which avoids the complications of line shafting and oversized motors, and the at tendant installation and maintenance expense which must be incurred where presses are mechanically interconnected.

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