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Automatic metal coil slitting machine


Slitting is a type of metal cutting process where large rolls, or coils, of sheet metal stock are cut using extremely sharp rotary blades. In metal slitting, Automatic metal coil slitting machine are cut lengthwise into the large coil to create strips of metal that are narrower in width. As the coil runs through the slitter, circular blades – one upper, the other lower – make the cuts. These are commonly called knives and can be moved to make sheet metal strips of differing widths. In metal fabrication, slitters often come equipped with multiple knives. Shearing more commonly refers to making cuts across the width of a coil.

The slitting process:

  • Is restricted to cutting relatively thin metal materials (generally 0.001 to 0.125 in.)
  • can involve both ferrous and nonferrous metals
  • Generally requires a high quality production tool to assure consistent quality in controlling metal width.

Automatic metal coil slitting machine can be used equally well for both sheet metal pieces and rolls of metal coil. Slitting blades are designed depending on the job required. The three critical determinants of the blade configuration include:

  • The work piece material thickness
  • The type of material to be slit
  • The tolerances that must be held while slitting.

Slitting line is also named slitting machine or slitter. It is mainly used to slit tinplate coil, galvanized coil sheet, siliconized steel sheet, cold rolled coil sheet, stainless coil sheet, aluminum coil sheet as the requested specifications and recoil them. This Automatic metal coil slitting machine is the pre-process of steel sheet for industry like transformer, household electrical appliance, automobile, building material, packing, etc. Basically, the slitting machine can be divided into thin sheet slitter and thick sheet slitter.

Automatic metal coil slitting machine has taken over the market and is the most talked about product. Since contractor models these days are extremely diverse and varied, there is a need for needs to be satisfied based on which arena the device is used and what the final application of the system ends up as. As a result, Automatic metal coil slitting machine have become quite popular in the metals and processing market. The use of different presses is needed in the making of big components, including those for bodywork, where the different component-forming operations are being executed. The features of this machine that distinguishes it from other competitors in the market are-

  • This machine adopts steel plate welding structure ,the fuselage using the finite element analysis and design, Vibratory Stress Relief of internal stress, so that body stable and reliable.
  • Using three-point rolling guide pulley can eliminate the support gap, and increase cutting precision.
  • Shearing angle can be adjusted within a certain range, which can reduce the shearing deformation of sheet metal and can shear much thicker sheet metal.
  • The shearing stroke can be adjusted at will, which raise the working efficiency and realize the function of partition cutting.
  • The back gauge is designed manual lifting function, which makes operating convenient and lubrication reliable.
  • Plug in hydraulic system can make oil temperature become high slowly, meanwhile it enhance the reliability and safety operation

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