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Automatic circle blanking line


Automated blanking lines are always considered an asset in the metal processing industry, especially since their operation promises safety and accuracy together. In most applications, these are installed in context of the feeders, because their placement and their function is directly dependent on that of the feeders themselves. The automatic circle blanking line consist of straightener, recoiler, feeder, mechanical power press and swing unit. The provided lines are used as the base product for making cookware. Automatic circle blanking line has high operational fluency, sturdy construction, impeccable performance are some of the required features. Automatic circle blanking line is specially designed and developed for cooker manufacturers and stainless steel suppliers, meeting mass production demands for circle blanks. The optimal blank layout modes are automatically selected by the equipment according to coil width and circle diameter, which improves material utilization rate (above 80%), far more superior than other circle blanking modes. It is mainly composed of uncoiling machines, levellers, feeding machines, swing units, special closed single-point mechanical press, stacking devices, hydraulic system, electrical control systems, etc. Blanking circles with automatic lines can get yield from 79% to 84%.

The Automatic Circle Blanking Lines are by far one of the most forward mechanisms in the world, mainly on account of the specifics and customizability they offer. Not only is it possible to vary their speed and function, they can also be customized in the nature and character of their use and their working basics. Automatic Circle Blanking Lines is able to provide excellent blanking, various techniques and characters are used in these devices and are often used in conjugation with DB Boxes and Control Panels for heightened operation.

In the industry today, many variants are available that have different levels of control, feedback systems and modules per system in place. Their differentiating features are twofold: one is their ability to generate very precise blanks in each sheet they are fed, and two, as is predictable is their ability to work without too much supervision, which helps minimize costs in the industry which is always a plus.

The additional features that differentiate them from other similar available products in the market are-

  • It can utilize coil stock to directly produce circles without vertical and transverse coil stock shearing, reducing production procedures, production cost and possibility of coil surface damage.
  • It makes full use of coil width and adopts high precision servo dynamo driving system for control to minimize distance between circles and distance from circle to blank edge, thus reducing the amount of waste and improving material utilization.
  • Production speed can achieve 40-55 pieces/min, improving production efficiency.
  • Adopting modular die design, it can reduce the switching time to no more than 15min when switching the circle production specifications. The circle diameter scope is 90mm-750mm.

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