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Air Feeder


Automatic pneumatic air feeder machine

Big heavy duty automatic pneumatic air feeder machine

In the present times, variety of machines and different kinds of equipments are being used in all the industries. Among the many companies of the world, Shenzhen Lihao Machine Equipment Co., LTD, the leading professional machinery manufacturer of China produces mechanical eccentric 30tons, 45tons, and 60 tons high speed precision press machine. Lihao is the leading producer of varieties of machines for metal strip stamping and punching, metal sheet strip coil cutting, such as uncoiled machine, straightener, feeder, mechanical eccentric press machine, stamping mould, metal strip cut to length line, slitting line, and others. In the recent times, they are the most remarkable name in the market for producing and supplying extensive range of air feeders.

Air feeder is one of the main products of Shenzhen Lihao Machine Equipment Co., LTD, the leading professional machinery manufacturer of China. There are varieties of such machines:

Automatic pneumatic air feeder machine: In this machine, the central hole of the main structure is being prepared by lapped finishing which enables the core shaft to run in a smooth manner. The two units of automatic pneumatic cushions are adopted in order to reduce the vibrations and noise efficiently. The models of the machine are being produced according to the different dimension and length.

Big heavy duty automatic pneumatic air feeder machine: All the sealing parts of the machine are introduced from Japan along with the features of compact conformation, high accuracy, high speed, and a good combination of beauty and application. All the screws of the machine are being fixed with high strength oxygen pressed rubber in order to avoid them loosening from the vibration, attain good sealing capacity.

Being in business for several years, Lihao had emerged as the putative manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Pneumatic Air Feeder used by the different industries for all the diverse applications. All of them are being manufactured by the skilled and expert engineers meeting all the international standards of quality and are also appreciated by clients for their trouble free performance and long durability. Absolute accuracy is one of the main features of air feeder which is being achieved in proper working conditions. Stroke length and speed adjustments are being positioned for easy success. Built in pilot release arrangement, air feeder has the output of 100% additional performance. It can be easily installed and can also be removed using the most versatile type of feeding equipment available.

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